...1968 is the year that will mark the birth of a growing and thriving community. It signals the arrival of the first Congolese to Raleigh: Esaïe Mulongo Nsayi.


During his stay at the EPI School, Esaië Mulongo Nsayi built a friendship with Jackson Kimpianga Mahaniah, also a student at EPI at the same time. From an important historical perspective, Mahaniah was the person who sparked the movement of students from both EPI and IME schools to the United States.

Esaië M. Nsayi

He actually never lived in Raleigh himself. For that reason, his stay in the USA is not spoken of in great detail in this study.


What is important, however, is to remember that in 1967, Jackson Kimpianga Mahaniah was admitted to the seminary at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he came out with a doctorate (PhD) in history. And being away from Kimpese did not affect his friendship with Esaië because they both kept close contact. In fact, a year later in 1968, Esaïe Mulongo Nsayi decided to come to Raleigh and arrived with fewer complications, because all of his travel and study arrangements were previously handled by his friend, Kimpianga.


Thus started the migration!


Joseph Konde Mwanza followed Esaië in 1969 after sending him college application forms. Joseph then was admitted to the pre-medical - biology program at St. Augustine's College. Dr. Konde spoke of the circumstances bringing him to the USA, saying “Mulongo sent me all the necessary papers for admission, including the promise of financial assistance from the college. I had everything except the plane ticket. Then the then Government of Congo Minister of Education, Mr. Michel Colin, got me the travel ticket, and the cost was actually covered by the Ministry of National Education.


He played an important role during my first days in Raleigh. And Dr. Konde, with whom I studied at St. Augustine’s College, was my translator and my guardian angel.”

Antoine Diantete, who came from the city of Sundi-Lutete, arrived in Raleigh on 8 April 1971. And five months later on 4 September 1971, Victor Mayenge arrived to find a community of ten people in Raleigh: Esaïe Mulongo (1968), Joseph Konde (1969), Simon Nzuzi (1970), NoéNswadi Nsayi (Mulongo’s older brother who lived in Chapel Hill for school but was still presentin Raleigh), Joël Mbumba, Niofi Guillaume, Antoine Diantete, Boniface Bakongo, Nathalie Mwanza Konde and Jérémie Kazadi. Beside the first three people, all came in 1971.


Reminiscing, Mayenge said wistfully, “Esaïe Mulongo helped me submit my paperwork to ShawUniversity, where I was admitted to the pre-medical-biology program while I was still in Zaire (1). An issue acutely arose at the American Embassy about how I was funding my studies when I applied for an entry visa. I then reach out to my father in law, Esaïe Kuyena, who was a senator in Republic of Zaire government at the time. His speech to the Consul was more than spectacular. He explained with conviction the Congolese traditions that speak to the wholefamily supporting any child that wants to study at a high level. Senator Kuyena concluded, “Ivouch for his financial situation because all his monetary needs will be seen by me personally.” A few hours later I was in possession of my visa to the United States of America.”


According to Dr. Nzuzi, Joël Mbumba arrived in 1972 with Celine Lubuku and many others. The following year saw the arrival of several Zairians including Jean-Marie Nzati, Paku Palory Nzau and Manzodulua Tiya. In the space of eight years from 1968 to 1975, Raleigh received an impressive number of Zairian immigrants, ninety-five to be exact, including women and children, so that records can already speak of a Zairian immigrant community. A complete list can be found in the appendix, history file 3.

From this list of first comers, some have since returned to the Congo (Esaïe Mulongo Nsayi, Dr. Joseph Konde, Joël Mbumba), others are dead (Nathalis Mwanza, Zacharie Nziuki, Joseph Ndelo, Joël Mabika, Joseph Tatu Buatu). For the rest, many still live in Raleigh or Charlotte, North Carolina (one of the valid reasons that justify the close affinities of the two communities). Others settled in other cities and communities such as Atlanta, Georgia….


What is important to know is the fact that COZAR will become, years later, as “COCOM- NC/Raleigh” The full history can be found in the book written by Salomon Valaka. It will be posted on this website.


(1) Zaire: In 1971, the name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo was changed to Republic of Zaire, due to political change and new leadership that took place in 1965 I will refer to the Congolese people of the time as Zairians.


Written by Salomon Valaka

The full history is related in the book by Salomon Valaka


Comités Exécutifs




1973 – 1987

Le Président et Vice- Président constituèrent l’unique organisation administrative ad hoc de la communauté. Muni d’aucun document légal rédigé, ils eurent la liberté de se choisir un trésorier si cela s’avérait important.


1989 – 1994

1. Président: Paku Palory Nzau

2. Vice-président: Adolf Mwembya

3. Secrétaire: John Uniangunga Kitoko

4. Trésorière: Céline E. Lubuku (Mama Tiya)


1999 – 2001

1. Président: Deba Kingana Masamba

2. Vice-président: Katende Lukusa Lupepa Kathy

3. Secrétaire Général: Salomon Ndidila Valaka

4. Trésorier: Jean-Claude Bateza Zodulua

5. Trésorier-Adjoint: Rolly Matuba

6. Relations Publiques Jean-François Titi Nzita

7. Conseillers: Nicolas “Nico” Landao Pélé Biongo


2001 – 2003

1. Président: Etienne Ngoma Masiala

2. Vice-président: Pascal Mubenga Tshiteya

3. Secrétaire Général: Salomon Ndidila Valaka

4. Secrétaire G.-Adjoint Maurice Toko Mbungu

5. Trésorier: Jean-Claude Bateza Zodulua

6. Relations Publiques: François Mali Milambu

7. Protocole: Rolly Matuba

8. Sport et Loisir: Bonaventure Sukidi Nzinga


2003 – Juillet 2005

1. Président: Etienne Ngoma Masiala

2. Vice-président: François Mali Milambu

3. Secrétaire Général Rolly Matuba

4. Secrétaire Général-Adjoint &

Relations Publiques: Salomon Ndidila Valaka

5. Trésorier: Médard Kimpioka Singa

6. Intégration: Maurice Toko Mbungu

7. Sport: Bonaventure Sukidi Nzinga


29 Avril 2006 – 8 Juillet 2006

Comité Exécutif Réaménagé

1. Président: Etienne Ngoma Masiala

2. Vice-président: Jean-François Titi Nzita

3. Secrétaire Général Adrien Kilemba

4. Secrétaire G. -Adjoint: Salomon Ndidila Valaka

5. Trésorier: Médard Kimpioka Singa

6. Intégration: Lauryves Nsiambote Sukidi


8 Juillet 2006 – 2009

1. Président: Expedit Yabi Miki Kidibu

2. Vice-président: Jean-Pierre Tshibangu

3. Secrétaire Général Jean-François Titi Nzita

4. Secrétaire G. -Adjoint: Médard Kimpioka Singa

5. Trésorier: Jean-Claude Bateza Zodulua

6. Conseiller Académique: John Peter Mukendi

7. Conseillère Sociale: Mme. Lise Bilomba


8 mars 2014 – 2016

1. Président: Sukidi Bona Nzinga

2. Vice-pésident: Freddy Nke Bokolo

3. Secrétaire Général: Mme. Eugénie Bisselele

4. Trésorier: Médad Singa


Conseil d'Administration (2014-2016)


1. Président du Conseil: Félicien "Felly" Mukau


o Expédit Kidibu

o Aimé Bolobiongo

o Jean-Pierre Kamba

o Guy Kasongo

o Shai Mungani

o Georges Polo

o Hubert Bisselele



1. Président: PapySukidi Nzinga

2. Vice-président: Medard Singa Kimpioka

3. Secrétaire Général: Salomon Valaka

4. Secrétaire G.-Adjoint: Albert Richard Kankolongo


6/2019 -

1. Président: Médard Singa Kimpioka

2. Vice-président:Albert Kankolongo

3. Secrétaire Général: Placide Ngudi

4. Secrétaire G.-Adjoint: Bertin Bembala

5. Trésorier; Nordof Makema

6. Trésorier Adjoint: Eric K. Ntamba

7. Chargé des Médias: Papy Sukidi

8. Webmaster: Justin Mbuyi




Tous les membres du Conseils Exécutifs participent aux réunions du Conseil d'Administration


"COCOM/Raleigh: Yesterday, today and beyond" (Fichier Historique)

Written  By Salomon Valaka, 2011. ©Tous Droits Réservés.





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