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Mentorship & Scholrship



French Youth and Children Club provides reading and writing support through activities such as Media library, reading and writing club, conferences,movies, games, Internet blog or group discussion.


Sharpen your French skills through Alliance Francaise., French Television TV5.


-Homework help for children through an after school program  and online tutorial for Mathematics and English reading and writing.


Online mathematics help for Students from elementary to high school:


-Ask Doctor Math


-Awesome math library


-SOS Math 



COCOM drives a program called Empowerment. This project focuses on youths and of

eligibility requierements.COCOM will increase the number of students who receive the scholarship as we receive more donation for such purpose.



The purpose of this scholarship is to support a high school senior in the Congolese Community  who demonstrates tremendous drive and is willing to further his/her education beyond high school based on academic performance.




-Must have at least one Congolese parent who is a member of COCOM.*

-Must be planning to continue his/her education in an accredited institution or technical school.

* The parent must be in good financial standing with COCOM (paying membership dues)


We should start with one $500 scholarship and increase

the amount and number of awards as funding increases.




-SAT/ACT scores

-Extra-curricular activities, community involvement

-Leadership Skills






Minorities face problems that comprise the lack of access to services such as  education,health

care,market,transportation, sanitation,communication and more. Poverty is also a mindset that propels communities to settle in hopelessness,apathy and timidity,ignorance and dependency.

COCOM empowers the communities through program such as:


-career education

-career advance and orientation for job placement.

-financial education for family through conferences and seminars(credit repair and management,family budgeting etc..)

-Conferences and seminars on health issues(HIV....)

-Education on fighting apathy(carelessness),dependency(being on the receiving side only and dishonesty.

-wealth creation by the implementation of micro enterprise initiative and a team of small business investors.

-promotion of women small business initiative and social responsibility.


Nothing scheduled...Stay tuned !

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